Software Engineer

name: Kacper Jurak (born 1982)

location: Gdańsk, Poland

education: PhD at Gdańsk Univeristy of Technology

experience (~10 years):
- many PHP apps (mainly using Symfony 2/3)
- maintenance of old PHP apps
- few apps for Android (Java)
- one Angular 7 app
- few desktop apps (C++ using Qt framework)
- few huge apps in automotive industry (LabView)
- Linux systems and networks (18 years exp)
- sophisticated projects:
  * implementation of 3D scanner for industrial robots
  * bearings failure detection system
  * vibrations measurements

tools: Linux, Git, JetBrains IDEs, Bitbucket, Jira

tags: Backend, Fullstack, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript,
      Webapps, LabView, Java, Qt, SCADA, R&D